About Our Work

Behind Photography stands the creative duo of Nikola & Ana Andjelić. Together we work on planning and creating high quality images for businesses and individuals.

Our work is mainly focused on portrait photography - creating promotional and corporate images, capturing precious moments at special events, such as weddings and birthdays, or taking personal images, to be treasured by generations, through family, pregnancy and children photography. Our work has also encompassed product, architectural and food photography.

Our Services

Our services are available for individuals and various businesses alike. Most of the portraits we do are planned ahead and shot on location with our studio equipment. We also cover special events - weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and other important occasions.

Our Clients

No client is too big or too small. We offer our services to a wide spectre of clients, including portraits of kindergarten children to business owners.

  • Nikola Andjelić

    A photographer with a PR degree. Nikola strives to create high quality images, be it a planned shoot in a studio environment or memorable candid shots at a private event, it has to be perfect.

  • Ana Andjelić

    The creative and aesthetic brain behind NIA Photography. An industrial designer by education with great passion for interior design and fashion. Ana’s focus in creating our images is the creative direction we are going to take with full attention to details and the overall look during our shoots.

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We are based in Belgrade, Serbia. Write or call to make an inquiry.





+381 63 7129918



Our Clients

Individuals and various businesses alike.

Poly Dec
Boya Porcelain
Go Sushi
Il Primo
Nojeva barka
Naše čedo
Assessment Systems
Naxxar Consulting