G-Shock Watch - Personal work

For a while now Ana and I wanted to make still life images of my Casio G-Shock watch. From the beginning we thought that it would be interesting to somehow create an image that would emphasize the all black design of the watch. We lit the watch with two strobes and a silver reflector. One strobe had a reflector dish with a honeycomb and the second one was diffused with a small 60x60 cm (24x24 inch) softbox. With a small object such as this one the great thing is that you can easily try out different lighting positions just by taking the strobe in your hand and checking out the effect you get based on the modeling light. After we got a few shots of those low key images we were after, which highlight the visual design of the watch, we felt like emphasizing its physical attributes as well – and what better way than to through a bunch of dirt at it. Cleaning up the mess we were left with took longer than creating the images, however, in the end we managed to produce an image which perfectly illustrates the G-Shock’s toughness by portraying it unscathed comfortably centered in a whirl of dirt. The final image was created in post-processing using three separate shots, pictured at the top of this article (raw images), one for the lower dirt part and outer parts of the watch, the other for dirt elements in the top and one more image (well, actually two more merged into one) for a clear view of the dial and hands. We're happy with the results. You can view the final images in the Still life section of our portfolio.